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Since our inception, 1CS has earned the trust of some of the largest healthcare institutions in the world.

1CS is where aspiration drives innovation, candor fuels cooperation, and teamwork crushes seemingly impossible barriers to growth, efficiency and effectiveness.

The dynamics of the US healthcare value-chain have changed dramatically since the COVID-19 pandemic. Both payers and providers faced challenges in the years 2020-2021. Nevertheless, our team continued to grow and innovate. Government continues to be the largest growth area for payers. Providers are increasingly turning to non-acute settings for care delivery services. The progression of value-based healthcare and associated risk payments, as well as digitization, is shifting the value creation beyond traditional healthcare subsectors.

The industry is evolving towards addressing the patient's whole health journey. This has led to significant investment and many players are innovating business models to create more value and increase margins. The shift away from acute sites of healthcare is happening because these sites have lower margins than other care sites, and are therefore more expensive. The costs of non-acute care sites are lower and EBITDA margins are two to three times greater than those in acute care. Because of the high hospital backlog, and the preference of patients and doctors for convenient and more virtual care, the pandemic has led to a shift to non-acute settings. There have been underlying business shifts, such as the rapid adoption of value-based healthcare. Value-based players can deliver better outcomes and lower costs, as well as achieve margins greater than 15% in primary and specialty care.

1CS network of healthcare industry experts helps healthcare institutions maximize the economic value generated from these industry trends and supports them throughout the journey.

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